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A monument to remember.

No matter what type of monument you require, you want as many options as possible. We have all types of monuments available for custom design, so you can find the appropriate one for the one you’ve lost.

Choose the monument best suited to your needs:

  • Monument: an engraved tablet with a base
  • Slant marker: a 16 to 18 inch marker cut at an angle
  • Flat Marker: typically a 24 x 12 inch marker laying flush with the ground
  • Bench: a dedication bench which can be placed in parks or other locations
  • Mausoleum: a private granite building for above ground interment

Secure, lasting monument settings guaranteed.

While the technical aspect of monuments may not be something you want to think about, it is an important part of memorializing your loved ones. We do all of our monument settings in house, so you know that they are secure and will last.

Monument settings from the experts

With something as important as a monument, you can’t trust just anyone. Our company has been around for more than 50 years, so we’ve seen many generations of monument settings. Our experience will ensure that your loved one’s monument stays level and protected against common issues.

 "Thank you for all your help and guidance. The stone is absolutely beautiful Thanks!"

Custom headstones | Bristol, CT | England Family Monument Co | 860-583-5309

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